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You can buy a piston kit only.
Normally, STD sizes to 100 over size are in stock, but sometimes out of stock.
We will notify you of stock status when purchasing; we may cancel the order of the size 1.25 to 2.00 over size. (a certain extent of order amount is required for fabrication for lack of commodities)

Sales area

Your order is limited to EMS* coverage areas. Delivery Fee / Delivery
* Express Mail Service
For more information on the coverage area, check URL below.

EMS handling country & region


All product price and delivery fee are in JPY (Japanese yen).
Please note that the invoice amount by a Credit Card Company is defined, using the exchange rate at the time of their processing.

Order method

(1) To Order (Upon completion of order, we will send you automatic response e-mail)

In the page of the product you want to order, select the size, click on the "Add to Cart" button, place the item in your shopping cart and proceed with the ordering process and submit your order. Upon you completion of your order, we will send an automatic reply mail to the mail address you input.

※ The order is not finalized at this stage. "Check stock at our company in (2) in the next section will be followed for its finalization.

Unless you are able to receive automatic reply mail, we will be unable to contact you with detailed information such as this order confirmation mail from us, so please make sure to confirm your receipt of our sent e-mail.

If you have not received automatic reply mail, please check the following:

Since it is conceivable that the customer is sorted out as unwanted e-mails by the setting of the e-mail software or internet provider, please check the contents of junk e-mail folder, settings etc.
(We have not announced the settings related to e-mail software or internet provider at our company.)

There is a possibility of existing errors in your entered e-mail address.

(2) Our Inventory confirmation

We will send you an inventory confirmation (after confirming stock, "order confirmation" or "unacceptable order" e-mail)

1. When there is a stock (order confirmation) => Please proceed with payment procedure.

If there is a stock, we will send an order confirmation email within a few days from your order.
If you agree to deliverable products, delivery fee and payment method and others indicated in the e-mail, proceed with your payment.
Note you need to complete your payment within a week after our "order confirmation-mail forwarding.

2. When there is no stock (cannot be ordered)

We will send you an email within a few days from your order date.

(3) We will ship your ordered products after confirmation of your payment.
(We will send shipping email.)

Payment method

You can use credit card and PayPal payment.

After your receipt of our e-mail "Order Confirmation Mail" to be sent after our inventory check, make sure to pay within one (1) week. Unless timey payment is made within one week, we will cancel your order.

Credit cards below are available.

visa card master card jcb card amex card paypal card

TKRJ using Remise for credit card payment, we never have any credit card information at all. “Remise “is a credit card payment provider: one of the industry’s most reliable and secure provider.


Delivery /Delivery Fee

All goods shall be delivered by EMS of Japan Post Co., Ltd.

Standard Delivery Time

Standard delivery time is normally about one (1) week.
The delivery time may vary depending on the stock situation and delivery area.

For more detail, click URL below:
Delivery date table (EMS: Kinki)

Standard Delivery Fee

Delivery fee will vary depending on delivery area and shipping weight.
See standard delivery fee below:
You can find out a final delivery fee by your receipt of our e-mail,
"Order Confirmation Mail" to be issued after checking inventory.

Zone Name First Zone Second Zone Third Zone
weight Asia Oceania · North America · Central America · Middle East Europe South America · Africa
Up to 500g\1,400\2,000\2,200\2,400
Up to 600g\1,540\2,180\2,400\2,740
Up to 700g\1,680\2,360\2,600\3,080
Up to 800g\1,820\2,540\2,800\3,420
Up to 900g\1,960\2,720\3,000\3,760
Up to 1.0kg\2,100\2,900\3,200\4,100
Up to 1.25kg\2,400\3,300\3,650\4,900
Up to 1.5kg\2,700\3,700\4,100\5,700
Up to 1.75kg\3,000\4,100\4,550\6,500
Up to 2.0kg\3,300\4,500\5,000\7,300
Up to 2.5kg\3,800\5,200\5,800\8,800
Up to 3.0kg\4,300\5,900\6,600\10,300
Up to 3.5kg\4,800\6,600\7,400\11,800
Up to 4.0kg\5,300\7,300\8,200\13,300
Up to 4.5kg\5,800\8,000\9,000\14,800
Up to 5.0kg\6,300\8,700\9,800\16,300
Up to 5.5kg\6,800\9,400\10,60N\17,800
Up to 6.0kg\7,300\10,100\11,400\19,300
Up to 7.0kg\8,100\11,200\12,700\21,400
Up to 8.0kg\8,900\12,300\14,000\23,500
Up to 9.0kg\9,700\13,400\15,300\25,600
Up to 10.0kg\10,500\14,500\16,600\27,700
Up to 11.0kg\11,300\15,600\17,900\29,800
Up to 12.0kg\12,100\16,700\19,200\31,900
Up to 13.0kg\12,900\17,800\20,500\34,000
Up to 14.0kg\13,700\18,900\21,800\36,100
Up to 15.0kg\14,500\20,000\23,100\38,200
Up to 16.0kg\15,300\21,100\24,400\40,300
Up to 17.0kg\16,100\22,200\25,700\42,400
Up to 18.0kg\16,900\23,300\27,000\44,500
Up to 19.0kg\17,700\24,400\28,300\46,600
Up to 20.0kg\18,500\25,500\29,600\48,700
Up to 21.0kg\19,300\26,600\30,900\50,800
Up to 22.0kg\20,100\27,700\32,200\52,900
Up to 23.0kg\20,900\28,800\33,500\55,000
Up to 24.0kg\21,700\29,900\34,800\57,100
Up to 25.0kg\22,500\31,000\36,100\59,200
Up to 26.0kg\23,300\32,100\37,400\61,300
Up to 27.0kg\24,100\33,200\38,700\63,400
Up to 28.0kg\24,900\34,300\40,000\65,500
Up to 29.0kg\25,700\35,400\41,300\67,600
Up to 30.0kg\26,500\36,500\42,600\69,700

Tax, custom duty, and import restriction

Additional fees may be imposed on customs clearance in customer’s country, in such a case, the customer must pay for the additional fees. Thus, please pay the fees directly to a delivery agency or customs at the time of the package reception. Since the import tax policy would vary from country to country, we request a customer to contact customs office in his/her country for more details.

Since procedures for product import are executed by the authority of customs in each country, we are unable to manage or control customs formalities. In addition, if you need detailed information for customs regulations/provisions, please contact custom authority in each country.

Cancellations and Returns


After the order is confirmed, you cannot change the order details or cancel the order.
Please confirm carefully before placing orders.

Products return and replacement policy

If anything is wrong with the product we delivered, we will accept a replacement or return of the product only when all of the below conditions from (1) to (3) are met:

(1) There is any problem with the product we delivered, such as the deficiency in quantity, delivery of wrong items, and apparent external defects (breakage and rust, etc.), and we recognize such problems.

(2) We are informed of the defect described in (1) above within one month after delivery of product.

(3) The product is unused and only in the original unpacked packaging.
Products return is accepted only when TKRJ is informed within one month after delivery as well as in either of the following cases.

(1) If any defect was found in the product we delivered

(2) If the product we delivered is different from the one you ordered
Guarantee shall be either of the following, and TKRJ shall not liable for any amount excess the sales price of the product.

(1) Replacement (If we have the product in stock)

(2) Refund (If we do not have the product in stock)

In case of refund, we will pay the amount in Japanese Yen.

However, the amount your receive from our company would be different from the amount you paid due to the applicable exchange rate used by a credit card.


Quality guarantee range

The content and time period of the quality guarantee for the product offered on this website are limited within the range of the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the relevant product. The guarantee shall equal the sales price of the relevant product on this website.

Products outside the quality guarantee

The following cases are not included in the warranty:

(1) If a member resold the product to third parties

(2)In the case of failure or damage due to carelessness or improper handling

(3)In the case of failure or damage due to use in combination with other products

(4) In the case of natural disaster, fire, environmental disruption, hazardous material, war, abnormal voltage, use of the other power supply (voltage and frequency) than the one we designate, and defects or damage due to external factors.


Inquiry of your purchase order.
Regarding your inquiry of purchase order, we can accept only by e-mail as below.
We are sorry we can’t accept your inquiry by phone and fax.
Please understand it.
E-mail :

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